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Jazz at Three A.M.


Jazz noir: Soft, melancholy, and nocturnal -- with a few surprises to preserve my hip cred, and another few to undermine it. Insomia music, go-to-bed music, last call for drinks music, lost love music, &c.

20 tracks
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This beautifully crafted playlist is not only for night-owls or those who have zoned out not even those who are plagued with insomnia. Listen to it when you arise before daybreak and realise there is a beautiful dawn to be heralded and serenaded. The coming day will seem spiritually endowed and calm. Beautiful sound pictures. Thank You Bleak Mouse. LOVE

You Stepped Out of a Dream with offering us this beautiful mix.☺ Loved to listen to Sir Roland Hanna or Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake and I didn't know your fine version of the Satie-Gymnopédie.
One of my fav mix. Merci ♪♫⋆

Merci pour l'ecoute! Hubert Laws is a classically trained jazz flutist who did recorded some fine jazz-classical crossover records (as well as just jazz records) in the 60s and 70s, and his version of the Satie is one of his very best. "You Stepped Out of a Dream" seems to be one of Ran Blake's favorite songs. (Hubert Laws also plays on McCoy Tyner's version of "You Stepped.)

20 tracks, including four wildly varying versions of "You Stepped Out of a Dream," and such artists as Al Haig, Duke Ellington, and Stan Getz/Bill Evans.