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Jazz without instructions

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In love with Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures' "Helix," from Dream Garden (2007). Of course, I'm also in love with Elvin Jones' "P.P. Phoenix," but you may remember that from my more active "Blip" days. This mix of yours is (so far) my favorite.... and I'm still working my way through it.

This is another 1971-72 Blue Note that was overlooked at the time, and sank into utter obscurity almost instantly. I waited years and years for this to be released on CD. (Of course, I was doing other things while I waited, but still.) Thanks for your remarks, comments, asides, and lack of superfluous exclamation marks.

Love the Elvin Jones, Mal Waldron, Franz Koglmann, Gene Bertoncini,, Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures, Bobby Hutcherson, Chico Hamilton/Eric Dolphy, and all the rest I haven't heard yet, because my browser crashed and I have to start all over again!

Not that all aren't worth a re-listen, but -- that sucks. The sole way to deal with such a distaster is to bring out your strongest language and scream it for a while.

Deeply impressed. Please, oh please, make more mixes. I'll be your top fan if you keep this up! Thank you for this stellar mix, @BleakMouse.

Will do. The biggest problem is there's so much to choose from that I get lost in indecision -- or not being able to find a CD that I THOUGHT I saw yesterday. Thanks for listening.

Very nice to see you here! Finished my listening this morning.
Liked the fine guitar on Pensativa, new to me.
The trumpet-version of My Heart Belongs to Daddy is wonderful.
And Fellini... In A Sentimental Mood now.
You guess your selection was perfect for my taste...
Merci B.

Thanks so much. It was a rather scattered mix, based mostly on what was on my desk, but I was reasonably pleased with it. I hope to listen to some of your other mixes, but that should take a little while.

Listening to first track or two while I go get ready to visit my daughters. Back later... and thanks for this mix.

Will be back to listen to this in the wee hours between Sunday and Monday, September 18th/19th, in the year of our lordlessness 2011. Then, I will have much (or at least a little) to say. Glad to see this mix here, Bruce, and the mentioned artists seem enticingly promising.

OH! and duh. I just figured out how to reply. The reply button is invisible unless you already know where it is. Aha. I hope the daughters are well. Feel free to say a little or a lottle.