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Two by Four


Eight tracks including music by Arthur Blythe, David Murray, and Gato Barbieri. Seems to be a natural way to arrange a mix -- two tracks each by four artists. Highly caffeinated; not for relaxation.

8 tracks
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Loved the Arthur Blythe tracks most, with David Murray coming in a close second. Ricky Ford's "Dexter" and "Aerolinos" were intriguing, too. Altogether, a fantastic mix for doing aerobics during my work break! Thanks for this mix, @BleakMouse.

I'm getting tired just thinking of your "work break." If I think on it further, I might perspire and get muscle aches. Thanks for listening, but the management can assume no liability for non-listening activities.

Taking a break from work...this seems like an energetic mix for a mid-day "revamp." On my first track (Gato Barbieri's "Maria Domingas.") Thanks!