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A Rose Between Two Thorns ♛


While I consider Noctis more or less the fandom bicycle, I definitely have the softest spot of all for Prompto and Noctis being together. This game destroyed my soul, so I made a lovey-dovey fanmix to heal it a bit.

The order of the songs is kinda supposed to tell a story of sorts. Initial friendship and fascination that becomes complicated by lust.... before it all balances out: love, trust, and the stoic acceptance of the hand dealt by fate. It ends a bit sad, but bittersweet. Most of this is in Prompto's POV, though #14 is the POV of Noctis around chapter 13, with #15 acting as a response - "I'll support you so you can come through."

Tracklist (; album artwork is one of the photos Prompto took during my playthrough.

15 tracks