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Bleep - Filtered Unsigned Competition


Filtered is an unsigned competition and compilation for electronic producers, run by in association with Warp Records, SoundCloud and Transition Mastering.

We had over 4,000 submissions and this playlist is the final 50 shortlist. The winning 12 tracks will be announced and made into a compilation in 2012.

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  • Astro Bloom by Alembic*
  • Marimba Night by Alexander Kjellgren
  • Soul Dancing by Alphabet's Heaven
  • Blackyard by NOGAWA kazune
  • Meeting Kate (Expo67 remix) by Bela Emerson
  • People, Get Ready by trustindust
  • Submerge by YLEM
  • River by Them Stars
  • Catahoula by Spies on Bikes
  • Enfolden by SLIMES
  • The very last round by seychal-mills
  • o. corda by oscilloID
  • It Will Light Up by Room8
  • Chroma by Robbie Ferguson/Tom Ogden
  • Noistruk by maus
  • Why Don't You by Syndicate.
  • (ded)ication by clembaz
  • "The Taste Of Somebody Else" by Daniel Salomón
  • After Death (Extended Version) by DFI
  • You know... I think you're right by DyneQ
  • Wimblefrank by Egopatterns
  • Three times I told you by jameshugg
  • Junct — Saturday without by Junct
  • told me how by KbN
  • Parts of the Eye by Lawrence King
25 tracks