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January - February '10

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I'll make one soon, perhaps tonight, but don't think there is a lot of stuff you haven't already heard. I'll try and do two mixes one more indie what I like and then one that is more all overthe place, new and old stuff.

Oh man - this was the best comment I've ever received on anything. I have a bunch of follow-up comments:

1. I love that you mentioned the end of this track - that is EXACTLY the reason I picked it. Out of nowhere I heard it again recently, and it's pretty good, and then it winds down...and up until then it's been nice and all...and then the end just blows it up. I love it.
3. You totally nailed it. They are my favorite band. I LOVE me some LC!. Just saw them like a month ago, and they were incredible as always.
4. LOL @ "Goth punks".
5. I've heard that BOH are incredible live...can't wait to see them at some point. I would like to hear your thoughts on the new album. I listened to it once and thought it was terrible.
6. Immediately opened up the track list to figure out which song you meant is a crazy song, and it's super long...but I've always really liked it.
8. Also LOL @ "I could believe anything." 2010! Believe it!

When's your next mix coming up??

I'm going to give you a breakdown Dr. Jack Ramsay style:

1. First track to stat of the mix, a band I haven't listened to since College but was once REALLY into this group. Solid title track off the album, great end to this song as well. Nice start to the playlist.

2. I love acoustic guitar and the beginning of this song always gets me. Sometimes, which is the case for this song, like that the melody is all over the place.

3. I think it's safe to say this is your favorite group. I don't think they have a song that I haven't enjoyed. My only regret was going to see Built to Spill instead of them at Outside Lands last year.

4. The XX is one of those groups I REALLY want to hate. People having been telling me all about them for months and months. I don't like it when people (friends included) tell me I HAVE to do something. That said every song I have heard has been awesome. This one included. Why do they look like Goth punks though?

5. BOH are great. They were the best group I saw at Outside Lands last year. They were so good they got an encore even though no other groups got one due to stage restrictions.

6. I don't understand this. No comment.

7. This was on my Buddy Jeff's mix a while ago and I downloaded the album. For some reason I just liked it instantly. This song is awesome. Has that surfer/pop/rock feel but just slightly off. Really like this song a lot.

8. This song could have been recoreded in 1973, 1983, 1993, 2003, or today. I could believe anything.

9. Kid A is such a great album. No other band could go electronic and make it sounds better than any other electronic recording ever. I'm pretty sure they changed the capabilities of drum machines. Radiohead, what more can be said?

10. Running out of steam. How many songs is this playlist? I really like some of YYY's stuff.

solid buddy. as always I enjoyed every minute of it.