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Commonwealth FM


100* songs to wander the wasteland to, once you've looped Diamond City Radio one too many times.

(*Some songs may have been removed by 8tracks)

99 tracks
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Wow, such an amazing playlist! Sing Sing Sing brought back some fantastic memories from my jazz band too, the trombone part was killer! Thanks a lot for making this!

I've got a full week of game time in so far, that's over 170 hours, and with this playlist i don't have the urge to put a Zeta gun to my temple. It's also good for work too i guess, so thanks. i owe you a Dirty Wastelander

@Loc Dogg Haha THIS was a great comment. I mean, if I were to drink anything in the wasteland, I'd certainly try a Dirty Wastelander over Deezer's lemonade any day