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Bambi and the bunnies

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Yaaaaay!!! Thats the first song I ever fell in love with by Keane and its actually what prompted me to purchase the album and now Im in love with ALL if it!!! Thanks again!

I just started this playlist and I was really happy when the first artist to appear was Keane. I bought their album Hopes and Fears 10 years ago and I still love it. I dont want to be negative but the song you have titled Somewhere Only We Know is incorrect. Im not sure what it is but it IS by Keane. I just thought you should know!

@Cerrah Aw thanks a lot Cerrah, indeed, 8tracks somehow replaced "Somewhere only we know" by "Sunshine" and I have the album too so I was confused but it was actually not the track I used at first. So Somewhere only we know is back, yay ! Enjoy :3