56 comments on you know all the words. (part two) by blondesouth

for sure I am! I think it was because of your playlist
that I woke up today with Goo Goo Dolls' Black Balloon playing on my "inner ipod" haha. Totally forgot about that song. Let's see what part 3 will awaken.

thanks everyone! please read the description before you comment telling me these aren't all 90's songs. duh, i know that.

Awesome forgot some of them. But not all of them are from the 90s but no worries You also commented on the early 2000's which is a nice touch to those of us who were kids in the 90s and were teens in the 2000 remember all of these oh so well I feel!!! Great job!!!!

dude i was there, i know they're not all from the 90's. please read the description. anyway, glad you like it & thanks for listening

Man this brings back so many memories I didn't even recall I had, I guess VH1 subliminally got into my head all those early mornings.

i know right, whenever i hear music from that time it takes me back so much. for me it was hearing them on the radio every single day haha. thanks for listening!