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Did I ever have a choice?

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"I probably shouldn't drink any more," he finds it difficult to look at the older man. The reason why making his heart race despite his almost drunken circumstance. Settling instead on pressing forward on his elbows and tracing a pattern into the table top.

Milten stands beside the table with his fingers splayed over the surface and nods once in a familiarly neutral manner. "The fun isn't over yet," he responds in a faintly playful tone before turning to leave for the bar, "I'll be right back".

  • Heavy nights by MILKY
  • A Trophy Father's Trophy Son by Moriah Lynn 2
  • people are strange by Echo and the bunnymen
  • 07 All Thoughts Are Prey To Some Beast by zelinguica
  • We're Not Alone (Bonus Track) by Echosmith
  • Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
  • Dagger by Emily Jane White
7 tracks
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