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Nothing More, Nothing Less


You're just a murderer.
Light has fallen very far from what he once was. He'd like to think himself a god- he's got the power, the name of one- but in the end, Kira is just what he sounds like: a killer.
This is a mix for the evasion of justice in the pursuit of it. It's about how Light Yagami stumbled upon the Death Note, and thus became the very thing he despises.

  • Female Robery by The Neighborhood
  • Red ~ Let It Burn by Takashii Komuro-Kun
  • The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (NADASOUND Remix) by Smashing Pumkins
  • Ballad of a Politician by Reginapolis
  • When They Come For Me (Metal Version by Souldread) by Linkin Park
  • TempoShark by Temposhark
  • The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
  • Torture by Les Friction
  • Everybody's Fool (Alternative Rare Intro) by Evanescence
  • Beautiful Lie [HD] by Seconds To Mars
10 tracks
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