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Bleed Green


Who, or what, is Lupin the Third?

Some music to accompany the thought. Best enjoyed after having seen Green VS Red. (If you refuse to do so, I suggest you read a review to introduce yourself to the concept of "Lupin as an idea".)

Skip #4 if you believe in 70s Lupin Forever (I feel that). There's plenty of modern musical and lyrical influences about, but that one has a strict narrative that dates it somewhat.

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But #4 is the best description of the Green VS Red ~Experience~...! "ayyyy italian women have been killin' me for, like, a decade" ...bruh. omg this mix is really catchy and really clever! I crown you King of Thieves!

@oldsneakers Hah! You're right, G-VS-R certainly doesn't take place in the 70s. What an all around flattering comment, it sounds like you get it! Now I'm extra glad I didn't overexplain the playlist. Thanks so much bud!