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Slog - Not Even Pretending


Putting the 'ew' in "ewwww'.

  • Season 2 Vol. 1 by Hannibal Soundtrack
  • This Is My Design by Ian Doherty
  • A Dark Art by The Teaner Terners
  • (cover) I'M A CREEP RADIOHEAD by Alexandre HOAREAU
  • Bon Jovi (Cover) by Misunderstood
  • Leave Me Alone by Ellen Allien & Apparat
  • It's Not Insane by Kinsey
  • Cover by Dani goes to London by My Ugly Boy
  • But I Am Not A Monster by madcadmium
  • Beauty in Violence by Smoking Clover
  • Are We Not Insane? by no money for the drums
  • Troubled Artist by Sally La Lune
  • I'm A Pretender by BOUGE
13 tracks
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