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Soundwave - In The Mix


He hears everything, says nothing more than needs to be said.

  • Full Equality For All (Balckmat Remix) by Lady Gaga
  • Keeping Secrets (Remix) by Digits
  • Don't Lie by The Black Eyed Peas
  • Agent K vs Linkin Park"I See Stars Remix"Live By Poochie D by About to loose my mind
  • Drop the kids off at the pool by soberasacoconut
  • In Search Of Utopia by Aidan Dunmore
  • I Will Always Listen by ToSwell
  • Man of Few Words by Jonathan Plytas
  • Rage of a patient man by MakaiStudios
  • Daddy Daycare by Dusty Pickles
  • M30WM!X by Don't Autotune Me
  • 04 Trans Formers Generation One Soundwave's Theme by Dashiell Merrick-Kamm
  • Soundwave by Transformers
  • Walking With Elephants by Ten Walls
14 tracks
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