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a fondness for romantics


pining for an ideal place in the past that never really was; a dusty playlist inspired by The Caretaker, old crackling records, and my favourite sounds from a bygone era of music

(*for a unique experience, listen with the volume on low and light a candle — search the faces in an old photo album, look over forgotten letters, read a cherished book etc.)

featuring: Frankie Laine, Billie Holiday and others

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27 tracks
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I recently developed a taste for 1930-1940's vintage music, and I feel so luck to have discovered this playlist. You deserve a gold medal for making this! Every single song here is perfect, they are just so soothing and calming, perfect for anything -- working, reading, bath, falling asleep to, or just chilling. Thank you so much!!!

@Lysanndrê (I haven't checked 8tracks in a while and seeing your lovely comments is such a treat!) thank you very much, I'm so pleased you enjoy the playlists and that the magic of these sounds can continue to resonate with people :')

I love this playlist. I'm not sure why, but it's the perfect accompaniment when I'm baking. But frankly, I could and do listen to it any time!

I love this mix because it's so subtle and subdued and yet beautiful - so easy to get lost in, and feel like you've gone into the past. One of the best vintage mixes I've heard.

you're very welcome! It makes me incredibly happy that this mix specifically is getting such kind comments. It's one that I spent the most time on (happily) and one of my favourites out of all the playlists I've made so far :')

this is so cheesy, but i consider myself an old soul lurking in this modern era. if there's any year i'd like to teleport myself back to then it would me the 1920s-1950s regardless of how hard the time was! <3

I feel what you said, entirely! If only to go back to our desired time for a little while, right? I don't think there is anything wrong with someone who finds a certain kind of solace in the past (even if it's an idealized version) as long as it doesn't negatively interfere with their day-to-day life and how they treat other people. There’s no argument that history is to be learned from (especially the darkest and most heart breaking parts) but it is also to inspire us. I like to think that my interests (in music, art etc.) and how I express myself through them reflects that to some extent. Again, thank-you so much for your comments : )

well said and couldn't agree more with you! i will forever play this list until 8tracks is no longer available! <3