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Soundtrack of the ongoing story of my human character Wynnie and her romance with the Rogue bat pony, Raven, as created and played by Nyl.

  • Rune Factory Frontier Opening: The Sweetest Time ~Full~ (Japanese) by Max FireHeart
    My Lover Pony Opening Theme: I thought this was a cute song that does a nice job of correlating with Wynnie and Raven's story as if it were an anime show.
  • Ronin [Cinematic Mix] by Funkagenda
    Raven's Theme: Main character Raven Nightingale, a bat pony who is a dangerous fighter and thief from an organization known as The Rogues. Independent, hot tempered, and distrustful, he's nonetheless a loyal, kind, compassionate soul at heart.
  • The Last Wish (Casper Soundtrack) piano versión by Maupiano Pianomau
    Wynnie's Theme: Co-main character. Sweet and selfless young human woman who is an editor for a political periodical. Shy, timid, but loving.
  • Let's Go Sunning by Jack Shaindlin
    Wynnie is eating lunch at the park near her home when Raven steals her food!
  • Majora's Mask ~Song Of Healing~ Orchestrated by The Legend Of Zelda
    Wynnie finds Raven injured, brings him home for treatment and warmth. He finds out just how caring and kind she is. And she finds out how stubborn but polite he can be.
  • Walking in the Air by Chloe
    Wynnie and Raven's love Theme: After several months of living together as roommates, Raven and Wynnie explore a relationship together as lovers, dating. They quickly fall deeply in love with each other.
  • Treant Forest by Tales of Symphonia
    After Raven proposes to Wynnie and she accepts, he takes her to the home of his parents to meet the family, who are eager to meet the human who has captured their son's heart.
  • Fable 3 OST (Violon, Violin) by Oss
    Raven and Wynnie are treated at The Rogue's hospital. The road to recovery is long and painful for them both.
  • Terran2 by user1150848
    Wynnie is shown the Rogue's HQ as she recovers.
  • Constellation (Blair's Theme) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Pulse Canal
    Raven wakes and is reunited with Wynnie.
  • Great Fairy's Fountain by Ocarina of Time Rearranged
    The Nightingale patron goddess, Fiora, blesses Raven and Wynnie, healing them and giving them a gift...
  • Pearl harbor soundtrack *-Hanz Zimmer by Tennessee
    Before discharge from the hospital, WYnnie and Raven have one more round of tests to make sure they are healthy enough to leave. In the process, it is revealed that Wynnie is pregnant with Raven's twins.
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