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black hair and blue eyes

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These songs are perfect for Alec! They really show how sad and stressed he is. How afraid he is of who he is and of everything falling apart. Beautiful playlist! :)

This is so awesome and beautiful! I love all of these songs and usually don't see them put together so beautifully for such a complex character!

Hey !! i'm a french fan's ,This list it's just awesome !! this playlist it's just so good for the character, who is alec !! i love vicetone, imagine dragon, fall out boys. I like this song and it's just awesome for this playlist very beautiful.

wow I think I've never seen a more accurate playlist for any character ever ! This is just on point, you've understand his character so well and the songs are just perfect both in themselves and together, this is just amazing, thank you !

I love your use of 'Here' (yay, a Canadian singer). It has such the accurate line of being 'an anti-social pessimist'. It's a great song for introverts who have bigger goals then watching people get drunk and laughing about it. I was very surprised to find it in this playlist, so pleasantly surprised. Anyway, its beautiful playlist, well depicting such a complicated character. Congratulations!