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Grand R


I hate myself
This is for R.
I'm not funny.
This might be the worst playlist I've ever made

Original photo not min. Snapchat manip mine.

  • Without Love by Bon Jovi
  • Chandelier by Sia
  • James Bond Theme by Imro69
  • Lmfao shots timremix by timmer69
    I'm not funny
  • Booty Booty by Sensato & Pitbull
  • Kryptonite (Three Doors Down) by Pedwell
  • Hallelujah by George Blagden
    This needs no explanation
  • Midnight Tubthumping by flyingotis
  • Sparkling Diamonds by Nicole Kidman / Jim Broadbent / Lara Mulcahy / Caroline O'Connor / Natalie Mendoza
    I'm so sorry
9 tracks
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