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sing me a line from your favourite song

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OMG!!! songs 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 (not in a scary way), 11, 14 are totally barb i love this mix so much!!! Also, idk if you intended this mix to be jonathan making barb a mixtape, but thats how im taking it cause i ship them hard as balls. so bitter about ep 2/3. anyway. seriously. seriously. i love this mix!

@bluetahitianmoon that's great!! things for me to think about in rewatches... i think i can see her as bi, though. thanks again for this xo

@bluetahitianmoon OMG my older brother is gay and is on ep5 and we were talking about fav characters, so i named off my list and added barb and he was like, she was a total lesbian, the 10 seconds we saw of her, she was a total lesbian AND IM DYING OMG

@bonesmcoy haha, i feel relieved. like, i'm gay and thought that maybe i was just projecting. but obvs i'm not the only one. but of course this mix is supposed to be the mixtape that someone who really likes barb could give to her, because she deserves better. i'm so glad that she is such a loved character.