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If You Ever Come Back


The fic "For the Health and Safety of Dipper Pines" by charliesundies makes me want 2 die, so naturally I made a really angsty playlist about it! Sad songs from Dipper about their relationship and the effects that Bill leaving had on him. Sort of set to be in between FTHASOMP and FTMASODP. Enjoy!

(Art by the ever-talented Check her other FTHASOMP art!)

8 tracks
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@lvyzhura I'm so proud to have caused you this pain, but at the same time I apologize and hope you enjoy the fic, haha!!

First thank you so much because you also made me discover that wonderful/awful fanfic. Because, of course ! When i see someone saying a fanfic make them wanna die, i'm totally reading it ! I just finished the first part and yes, I pretty much wanna die right now. Anyway yes that playlist makes a really good background for reading it now ;w;