Is this playlist safe for work?
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i had been looking for this playlist since like 2015. Its one of my favorite things in the world. Thank you so much, i have no words just. Amazing job.

This is a really amazing playlist, both inspiring and moving. I'm curious though what your motivation was behind picking each song. If you don't mind explaining, I'd love to know what the significance of each song is!

A lot of it was basically just my own interpretation of the characters and the tracks? Like there were some which I just clicked with straight away (The Trenches Choir for Grantaire, this childish, drunken, hazy quality to it - it's melancholy or Tabula Rasa for Enjolras - this huge escalating, grand but tragic track?) while others I was more unsure on (like the Quintette for Combeferre).

Oh man this is a really lame answer but yeah bjhknlm;,'; <3