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noble aim


A modern day Greek God playlist, exploring Artemis and Apollo's relationship. This mix is now on Spotify - search 'bluleys'

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God, this is beautiful. I don't often find mixes that hit that right spot of push-pull for them (push from Artemis, pull from Apollo), but this does that perfectly. Apollo, you are so needy.

Brilliant Mix!! Love it!! :) (it is so perfect, I'm actually writing a modern adaption of the greek gods and apollo and artemis are two of the main characters! :P) perfect!! ;D

Awww man!! Is this a fic or a book? If it's a fic I'd love to read it (but if it's a book I'd love to read it too, haha). But thank you for the comment!

perfect! you probably dont take requests, but it you do you should make a mix about aphrodite & hephaestus :) sorry if im bothering you but i think it would be wonderful!

Aw, dude I totally take requests! I don't know much about them because I'm slowly digging my way into mythology, but I'll do my best, man!!!!