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Defying Gravity -- Float on up


Too much Ganj, or maybe just enough..? Had a rough day? A long night? Let me show you how to relax..
PS: The more plants the merrier

11 tracks
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Thanks, im real glad you enjoyed the playlist, definetly some of my favorite space out, easy listening tracks. Jahhh ima do that right niah, feel free tah chech my other playlists too

A nice mix. It really held the easy listening vibe that I was hoping for in order keep working throughout the morning. I was a big fan of the opening Matisyahu track - I hadn't heard it before, and even though I tend to be turned off by easy, breezy, be-yourself songs, I was surprised by how much I liked the closing track. Thanks for the chill vibes, and please check out a mix or two of mine if you have a chance. Cheers.

Thanks man, appreciate it. Exactly what the playlist was intended for. I couldnt fix it so i Replaced it with two or three other songs -- thx for lettin me know

Hey buddy, real smooth. Perfect for a wake-n-bake on a Saturday morning. You should check the file for After the Storm. It's playing back at like double the speed. 8Tracks has done it to a couple of my tracks too, not really sure the reason. Could just be my computer, but thought I'd let ya know.