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2 homos
Lots of songs
Even more lots of feels
Basically this is a collection of songs that remind me of these 2, or hold some resemblence somehow
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8 tracks
3 comments on ~JohnDave~

omfg i was listening to this and just you know thinking 'hey nice work friend i like this' BUT THEN SUPERLUV AND JBF AND JUST WOW YOU BE READIN MY MIND I LOVE THOSE SONGS. (oh yeah its ay ay ron btw in case you like forgot my defaut username or art or something)

omg i could picture dave and john perfectly during this mix. it made me really get into the feeling of dave and john good job on that!!! A+ playlist!!!

Oh my, umm thank you very much! It's one of my favorite ships, and I love all these songs and just ogiahujdshiuasdhadsu you have no clue how much this means to me! I am so pumped you like it! THANK YOU <3