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u are full of light and being around u is like being surrounded by sunshine. i'd imagine that u and harry would get along well because u are the nicest, humblest, happiest people on earth and are not afraid to be urselves. i love u a lot and hope that u enjoy this playlist as much as i enjoy ur presence because u are one of my fav ppl to be around ever and although we haven't hung out for years now, i know that despite the changes we've had as we've matured and grown up, everything will be the same the next time we see each other because we have always made each other laugh, which is the best thing any friend can offer to another. we both like the same music and have the same fashion sense and are equally as obsessed with boys.

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i love you to pieces. this means so so much to me and i cannot believe how long it has been since i have seen you!!! i've shared some of the best memories with you, and i can't thank you enough for just simply being you. i miss you tons everyday, and i can't wait until i see you again :')