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dear apollo,,


For patry, my long distance partner in crime and keeper of a piece of my heart
you're the coolest and raddest ily

ps. this is kind of a mess, but it's kinda how i imagine the soundtrack of your life (aside from musicals bc let's be real it would never end) ♥

13 tracks
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♥♥♥♥THIS IS THE RADDEST PLAYLIST/SOUNDTRACK ♥♥♥♥ okay i'm really emotional rn this is glorious you're the nicest, loveliest, most magnificent human being in existance and i am beyond happy and proud to call you my friend/partner in crime/person who holds the lease on half of my soul! also, when HEAVEN started playing i lost it and started legit tearing up. I love the XX so much and intro felt like a hug to my soul, then Shura!!! and all the lovely wlw songs! every the nbhd song speaks to me on a weirdly deep level, and alleyways = my childhood. Ilysm how tf are you so awesome?? **theory: you're actually a) an alien from a far away (fab af) galaxy b) you ARE a galaxy condensed in human form to grace us mortals with your lovely self (shhhh these theories are 10000% plausible). okay, time to listen to this playlist on repeat now ♥♥♥ (thank you so much!!!)