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jacques & jerome. a 13-part chronological story in music about two boys named js, involving a school, an organisation, a sugar bowl, an actress, a schism, a parting, several fires, and a death.

13 tracks
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i'm so glad this mix is back on the site. i had it liked when it was "safe travels don't die" and when i saw it disappear i was really sad. have any of the tracks changed since or did you just have to reupload them?

@ineveryending hi! i'm so glad you like this mix; it's one of my favourites. none of the songs have changed, but 8tracks decided that the title of the first track and the title of the mix can't be the same and made it private until i renamed it something less similar ): i prefer 'safe travels, don't die' but as long as it's up and you can still listen and enjoy it, i'm happy!

this mix has made me cry i hope you're happy with yourself (( because I am happy with you. very happy. thank you for this lovely mix ))

yes good the intention was to bring you as much misery as possible

(thank YOU for your lovely comments i'm so glad you liked it !!!)

god, i adores this! my 12-year-old-self is happy-dancing because GAH jacques & jerome were my everything.
i purchased all of the songs and copied the annotations into the lyrics-section (?), so i have this beautiful story with me all the times (:

aw what that is so cool! thanks so much i'm really glad you like it and i'm really glad you told me ! i'm also happy that the obscure artists on this mix are getting some love (and money) haha