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Forever Unforgettable Anime Songs I


Part 1 of a selection of Anime (n some game) songs, Classics as as well as newbies; openings, endings and all the lovely lyrics inbetween.
A long list for passionate Anime lover and those who just enjoy good songs. If you don't know all of them, that's okay - This is what playlists are for ;)


80 tracks
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Ha! Stumbled on here by mistake and thought "Man! What a great PL! This is the best PL I've heard in awhile. It even has "Take a Little Hand" from SAC." Turns out I've been here before. :) Still as great as the last time!

love this playlist!! ^_^ glad you added the origin: spirits of the past opening, it's such a beautiful song <3

This playlist is incredible! Such a lovely variation and musical selection and so lovingly compiled! I can't believe it only has two hearts! That makes me a little sad.

aw~ thank you for you lovely words! I'm glad you like it so much :D
But you know, it's also on for only 2 days n I don't swim in followers lol