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Retro Gaming


Some old school music from retro games. Consoles including SNES, NES, N64 and GBA.

Game List:

Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario 64
Mario Paint
Pokemon Blue/Red
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World
Diddy Kong Racing
Kirby Dreamland
Super Mario Bros.
Pokemon Blue/Red

Reminisce and enjoy!

  • 2-03 Overworld by 近藤浩治
  • Super Mario 64 Slide Theme by Quentin Fontaine
  • Mario Paint BGM 1 by Susumi Sama
  • Pokemon Blue Music by Magnus Faleide Sande
  • Plok! Theme by Tim Follin
  • 3-09 Overworld 1 by 近藤浩治
  • Title BGM by Super Mario World
  • Ancient Lake by Diddy Kong Racing
  • Dreamland [N64] by Kirby
  • Overworld by Koji Kondo
  • Lavander Town (Original Mix) by Skynoize
11 tracks