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heaven couldn't wait for you


he was everything to me, he gave me a piece of moon and an infinite smile.
he held my hand like nobody did before, he kissed me with the passion of a writer in the climax of his poem.
I loved him, I cared about him. Now he's gone and I can't do anything to make him come back.
I won't see a message from him, I won't kiss him anymore. he's gone.
he. is. gone.

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I needed to comment this. My own playlist is gold, oh God! I am so happy about it, thank you for the people who have heard and liked my playlist. I especially made this one to the people who is feeling down and want to let it go with some sad music, I also made it to the ones who are on a roadtrip to a forest or somewhere stormy and cloudy. This is the first time a playlist of mine goes to gold, I've deleted most of my playlist. I would be happy if you shared this playlist so much.