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Pose Like a Team, Even If You Aren't One


A spiritual sequel to Pose Like a Team, here's a mix for our next phase of tabletop rpgs. A mix for revolutionaries and merry misfits and for worlds that are falling apart under the weight of their own mythology.

9 tracks
1 comment on Pose Like a Team, Even If You Aren't One

I love both this fanmix and the other in the Pose Like a Team set. I really like finding contemporary DnD mixes, and yours are prolly the best ones I've found anywhere.

Thank you so much! It's not in the Pose LIke a Team set, but Waging War on the Windy City was made for an Urban Arcana campaign a while back if you want more rpg mixes. But thank you so much for the compliment! A lot of D&D mixes are mainly just classical stuff and that just isn't my style really? Not that it isn't great and all. Also, have you found any other good contemporary D&D mixes? I'd love to listen to them.