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On the road again

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I think I see roadtrips similarly to you! I was going for more of a solitary melancholy drive, leaving/going home, etc. (Actually who knows what I was going for with this. Mellow and scenic works too.) No, I've never seen Practical Magic. Maybe I should then :-D

Interesting how we see roadtrips differently. I mean, for me, "on the road again" brings to mind upbeat Americana (folky, rock-ish, rockabilly-ish, etc.) as one sets off on a bright, sunny morning, all full of energy and anticipation. And you created the perfect playlist for a mellow, scenic drive as one winds down and the sun sets (yes, perhaps I should have foreseen that from the picture, lol). Funnily enough, before I got to it, I wondered if "A Case of You" would be on it -- I would have put that one on mine too. Is it because we've both seen the movie Practical Magic? (and it appears in that scene where she's driving...If you've never seen the movie and are going "wtf?" just N/M. hehe)