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Raid and fight. It's what i was born to do !


"Ragnar was always chosen over me. By my father. And my mother. Then by Lagertha. Why would I not want to betray him? Why would I not want to scream at him, “You see, I’m alive too!”? Being alive is nothing. It doesn’t matter what I do. Ragnar is my father, he is my mother, he is Lagertha, he is Siggy. He is everything I cannot do, everything I cannot be.
I love him. He is my brother. He has taken me back. But I am so angry! Why am I still so angry? You tell me, wise one! Or I will tell you.
It is because I am useless, feckless, hollowed-out by failed ambitions, by failed loves.
Nothing good can ever come of my life now."

Les gens pourront me dire encore et toujours des éloges sur Ragnar pour moi le meilleure guerrier est et reste Rollo.

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