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how it should have been.


A long time ago, a human fell into the RUINS. ASRIEL, the king's son, brought the human back to the castle. Over time, ASRIEL and the human became like siblings. Eventually, he grew up and became the king of the underground, with the human as his right hand and closest friend. Even though they were trapped under the surface, every human that fell into the RUINS were taken in as one of their own. The underground was full of hope.

A playlist for Asriel and Chara, grown-up, together, and happy.
The Dreemurr Heirs AU by the wonderful min-min-minnie on tumblr! (I have recieved permission from the artist) original post of cover album art and more about the AU:

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Ow ow, damn it. Almost in tears at the first song. These poor kids, man, they deserved better than what they got. This playlist is lovely and heartbreaking, thank you for making it. These royal siblings........ it hurts my soul

oh my gosh, this mix is absolutely stunning!! its brimming with emotions and has a quiet, cheery, yet somewhat somber atmosphere... aa it gives me hope for these kids and their fate in another life. ;w;