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Reggain Control


Nothing helps me get my head loosened up like some reggae on a sunday. Some big names and some less familiar, with a predominantly roots flavour.

15 tracks
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I know a song called that by Zappa and Ella Fitzgerald... I'm trying to think if it's a song by Eek-a-Mouse... not familiar I don't think. Do you have a link you can show me, chum?

I am always committing these sort of gratuitous social faux pas. My children's nursery rhyme knowledge is appalling. To put it in perspective, they banned ba ba black sheep at my school due to supposed 'inciteful and racially derogatory content.' None of the black kids gave two hoots of course, they all liked sheep and were as mystified by the whole thing as I was. I think humpty dumpty narrowly snuck through the net until some e.u regulation on egg proportions or some such nonsense.

I may be mistaken but I think my most recent mix might be beating yours ;-) I may be wrong of course Mr. Back in the Game.

I don't count this as I half assed it whilst eating some reggae reggae chicken on a lazy sunday. Besides, I 'liked' your mix, and once I did that, it was inevitable there might be a deluge of well wishers for you from my casual fans. But it's on, donkey kong, if you want to name a night, we'll go head to head, same time, same place, same conditions. BUST A MOVE.