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Bonicita's 8tracks Debut


My debut mix -- seemed like a good place to start. I hope you enjoy!

1. A song from 2010 you love
2. A song everyone on 8tracks should hear
3. A song that reminds you of high school
4. A song from the year you were born
5. A song from a band you LOVE
6. A song you can sing along to
7. A song about your city / state
8. A top 40 song you hate to admit you like
tag: 8tracksdebut
art: the 1st result of this image search: your first pet's name + the street you grew up on

8 tracks
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For FSU is on the warpath now,
and at the battle's end she's great.
So fight, fight, fight for victory,
the Seminoles of Florida State!

Love It!!