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Almost all the way: BOO HOO's best of 2012


11 of my favourite songs of 2012, that probably won't be in too many of the bigger polls, but that I enjoyed a lot this year.

  • Carol of the Bells by Shaky Graves
  • Silver Shores Lake by Pure Bathing Culture
  • Pelagius by Brian Speaker
  • You Were Afraid by Night Beds
  • Havin a Boyfriend by Rayvon Browne
  • To Travels and Trunks by Hey Marseilles
  • Ass (Folky Redux) by Phoebe Kreutz
  • Only The Fools by Dan and Rachel
  • Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year by The Rescues
  • Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half by Toby Goodshank
  • Down to the Keys by beinssimon
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