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Badass Normal


I felt it was my duty, after several playlists of mine mentioned the night guards, to make a playlist of songs I have that fit the poor suckers.
Alternates between fansongs and non-FNAF songs that I felt worked-fansongs roughly in order of the game that they were made for (or that they work best for, IMO), non-fansongs just sorta thrown in there. May grow over time!
Title pulled from TV Tropes (I love doing that XD)
I'll probably draw something for the cover someday.
(I only have one of the FNAF: The Musical songs in my library, but I'm telling you now to go watch it because the whole thing is great.)
(Track 8 is a English version [since I thought the lyrics fit, I went with a cover] of a sorta glitchy Vocaloid song. Just a warning!)

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Wow, guys, I didn't expect anybody to like this! Thanks! As a thank you, I've added a musical cover that fits too well for its own good+the first fan-song I've heard for the one and only Eggs Benedict!