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F̕ight̸ing ͢f̀o͟r ̵y̴our͞ l̴͜i̶͘͞͡͡f̛͡͏e͟͢


For when the hero snaps, dropping the 'No Kill' code of honor, and the real fun starts.
(Starts out chill but descends into madness and hell as it goes.)
12/14/15: Added three more songs!
8/22/16: Thanks for 70 likes! Added another three songs, bringing us to 18 songs!
9/12/16: And another song. Because one of my favorite MLP artists does Steven Universe songs, apparently.
12/23/12: And another Set It Off song, because 'Upside Down' is only MOSTLY a happy album. (also, while I don't own it+can't add any more SIO due to 8Tracks 'two per artist' thing, 'Duality' is an honorary part of this mix now.)

20 tracks