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A few of the tracks I considered putting in my Eggs Benedict mix had sorta creepy yandere-esque vibes, and I always liked that character type, so I ran with it.
For when you end up kinda obsessed with your new employee but you know if he found out about your child-murdering hobby it'd all go to shit and maybe ghosts make the best boyfriends???
Possible NSFW, definitely creepy.
Cover art is my edit.
NOTE: I released this a while ago, but unlisted it after the final Custom Night cutscene b/c that made this EVEN CREEPIER AND MORE AWKWARD than it was meant to be but. I really like this playlist??? So I guess either A: as a listener, see it as projected at a different character, B: roll with the 'not following those cutscenes' crowd or C: make it even more messed up than it already was.

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This playlist is really good! The songs that compose it really bring out that sense of creepiness and uneasiness, and I seriously love it, no matter the interpretation one can give(Even if I'm going with the C one because of writing inspiration leading me there). Anyway well done seriously! I love this playlist <3