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This time I might just d i s a p p e a r


IDK, I guess I felt kinda bad that, out of all my PhG mixes, basically all of them are not-kin-friendly, since they're based on my AU? Sooo I made a sort-of non-specific one that you can add to kin collections if you want! (You can also add to, like, collections for your own AU. Whatever you want!)
(Note: I'm in no way otherkin, let alone fictionkin, so I don't really have any clue what I'm doing it that regard. What I AM, however, is a huge fan of FNAF in general and this character in particular, and somebody who spends too much time coming up with fitting songs. IDK, this was sitting in my drafts for a while SO! Here it is! Hope it's OK or at least not bad!)
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