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a drowning man...


The piano is his oldest, truest friend. Music don't care if he's high, or what he's wearing. He doesn't have to impress ivory and onyx keys with knowledge gained but never expressed. They won't tell him to smile on demand, to be silent and outspoken, seen but not heard, heard but never seen. All they ask from him are time and blood. He'll give both willingly.

  • Lovers On The Sun [Piano cover] by David Guetta
  • Hallelujah (Piano Cover & Interpretation) by Nevir Wolf
  • Final Masquerade (Piano Cover) by Linkin Park
  • Piano Cover (Instrumental) by Sia Chandelier
  • You're Beautiful Piano Cover By Hossam Abdeen by Hossam Abdeen
  • Kimi to Boku, Todokanu Omoi by 佐橋俊彦
  • Love Theme (from Romeo and Juliet) by Piano Solo
  • Rachmaninov: Prelude in E minor by Oksana
  • Amélie Soundtrack (Piano Version) by Yann Tiersen
  • Solo Piano, Scott D. Davis by My Immortal
  • My Way _Piano_frank sinatra by Noha Moheb
11 tracks