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useless, useless


historical playlist of songs that remind me of the life and death of John Wilkes Booth-- stage actor and presidential assassin who met his rightful end in the very final days of the American Civil War .
May 16th, 1838-April 26th, 1865
"I do not wish to shed a drop of blood, but 'I must fight the course.' 'Tis all that's left to me."
-John Wilkes Booth, likely written between April 17th-April 22nd while he hid from the country & cavalry .

{note: i do not intend to justify John W. Booth's actions or views. i've studied the tragedy for around 4 years, ever since i was 9-- thus, i would say ive formed a reliance; on the act of studying it. a comfort, so to speak. i tried to put together songs that seem to call to his person. also, this is my first playlist. it's kind of a mish-mash. sorry}

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