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Astronaut Angels


If you liked my Voices From the Clouds and the Bass They're Dropping mix then you'll love this one. I think its about 5X better. its got dubstep, drum&bass, and some killer vocals. I really recommend listening to the whole thing the last song is worth it. NEW SONGS. As promised, however I am late on the addition so I'm adding more, hope you like it :D

19 tracks
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Okay so I finally updating the playlist and since I was late i added extra new songs and put them all at the beginning. At this point however, its time to make a separate Liquid Dubstep and DnB playlist so within the next week or two this will become soley either a Liquid Dubstep or DnB playlist. Thanks minna(everyone) :]

Hey guys, if you like the mix be sure to give it a heart, once it hits 20 I'm gonna put in some more songs and they're total eargasms. Thanks for checking it out :D