Borís Jeremiah
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Moin Digga

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Dachte wirklich ich kenne mich aus im Deutschen Hip Hop. Aber da waren ein paar echte Sahnestücke dabei die ich über die letzten Monate nicht mehr rausbekommen habe ;). Was hältst du vom Umse Album ? Und, falls du Slowy noch nicht kennst, der hat was !

der slowy track is budderweich! das album wachstum fand ich von umse nich so derbe wie die alten dinger... bis auf den track wüste, einer seiner besten.

Excellent mix. I do not enjoy American hip-hop its is not entertaining. What makes this great is German is my first language. So hearing this I can happily listen ,enjoy and understand. Thank you for putting it together.

These guys flow well. Having maternal grandparents that spoke German and speaking a bit myself in high school I have always complained that it is one of the harsher spoken languages and can come across rough on the ears versus French or English for example. Speaking for myself that will always be a barrier for me, impeding my enjoyment of German music.

My cousin is a German and English teacher in India and she says that many children there don't hear any differences between the two languages, just like we don't hear big differences between chinese and japanese. So I think this whole "this language is harsher than this one" thing is only subjective.