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4--the bug

5 comments on 4--the bug

X-1 - Ice <<< fucking dark and badddddasss!

Voodoo Head Blows >>> loving the bassline x100!!

I love Techno Animal! This song is the SHIT! @@

Razor X Productions are making my spine tingle with delight. love that drum beat. bum .. bum .. bum bum bum

Invasion of Privacy >>>deep bass makes me do some daahk shiit

Way of the Gun --- Cult of the 13th Hour <<<< fucking SICK!

Badass mix! The goosebumps on my arms were vibrating from the deep bass pumpin' out me speakers. good fackin' jeb

Im sitting here thinking ... what do i feel like listening to? THIS! after hearing the first 4 1/2 seconds i knew i made a good decision. LOVE The Bug... lets see how this plays out.