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Sons du Jour - Automne 2k14 v.II

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Offrande de 20 pièces pour teindre la saison des couleurs les plus éblouissantes avec la musique de Tambour, Bassilus C, Triste Marker, L Ron, Epicure et beaucoup d'autres sonorités à découvrir!

  • KR$CHN & RoboCLIP by Lay Me Down
  • Broken Keys by BROKEN KEYS
  • La Forêt Des Renards by La Foret Des Renards
  • Enid by Dntel
  • Neurona by Turning Torso
  • Slow Moves (Aye, Yu Remix) [Filthy Fortune Records] by Handbook
  • GO Yama by Go Yama
  • Viewing Growth (w/ Botany) by Limalo
  • This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things by Bassilus C
  • Paper Walls (Epicure Remix) by EpicureMusic ✡
  • trains at 7a.m. by triste marker
  • Our Ending by Resotone
  • Overnight ft. Jahcoozi (King Cannibal Remix) by Robot Koch
  • Fault Lines by Beacon
  • "HOWL" Sun Glitters VERSION by GO DARK
  • A Mirage Seen At Buffalo by Kito Jempere
  • Water Guns by LxOx
  • You (Tambour Aerial Rework) by Nils Frahm
18 tracks
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