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Feed your dark side


A dark and twisted mix of dubstep, drum and bass and progressive house.

  • Gimmie Shelter Remix by Rolling Stones+Zeds Dead
  • Miami Showdown by DIGITALISM
  • I Know the Truth by Pretty Lights
  • Promises (Skrillex and Nero Remix) by Theeintensedarknesskillz
  • Genesis by Justice
  • Eyes On Fire (Dub Step Mix) by Blue Foundation
  • Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix) by MrSkullKill
  • Deadmau5 Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Hard Intro Mix 2011) by Francisco Jurado 4
  • Guilt by Nero
9 tracks
2 comments on Feed your dark side

Listen sir.. I'm so tired of getting excited that you maybe have seen my comment and released that playlist for the public ears .. Just to get here and have to pick up the pieces to my heart over and over again.. Lol resurface to this app already ! It would be greatly appreciated

I just would like to know.. pleaseeee tell me.. Where did your playlist - Manifest Happiness part 1 - where did this gem go? :( I was very sad after it had disappeared a while back... One day I googled it and it came back up... Now... You have taken it away AGAIN.. You're breakin my heart Boz_Life .. Didnt you ever learn that it isn't nice to play with a girls heart lol... But really though, will you put it back :) !?