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Love You to Death


"Professor Snape, Severus, can't you see how I have grow for you."

  • be with me by BEAST
    I tried to change our relationship, tried to get him to love me. It's never hurt so bad to see the rain.
  • Rainfall and Cinnamon (original) by sleepybeasty
    I love him to death, the only one in my eyes when I sleep. I try t talk to him, he calls it disrespect.
  • solace by BEAST
    I spend my days and nights with Ron and Hermione thinking about him. When it comes to help I want to cry. Does he care?
  • Burn by sleepybeast
    He never leaves my thoughts anymore, there's only Nagini left and as we enter the tunnel a great dread fills my heart.
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
    Tears gather in my eyes and my fingers want to reach out and trace his dying face, I don't know when it happened but suddenly I'm hugging him and sobbing and he is telling me to act respectable in his last moments. I tell him in exact words; "I love you."
  • Let Her Go (Mike Stud Remix) (Prod. Lu Balz) by Passenger
    I takes one breath after another, eyes closing and tears streaming down my face. He can't let him go.
  • Goodbye My Almost Lover by Clarice
    I almost can't attend his funeral, my eulogy is slurred and depressing. Appropriately so. Or maybe too much.
  • Breathe – He Is We by me1000
    My life slips away under the pretense of alcohol, the potion swirling in my system stumbles me to my bed. I die with a photo clasped in one hand and a bottle in the other. Will he be there, for me?
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