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The story of a boy who lost it all and that much more.

  • Hero of War by Rise Against
    He fought for what he believed in and lost those he fought for.
  • Kiss It All Better by He Is We
    He turned down the job with the ministry, couldn't see anyone else die by his hands, couldn't orphan another child no matter the sins of the father.
  • Breathe – He Is We by me1000
    Just let me breath he screamed with the air in his lungs, missing those that are gone.
  • Linkin Park Shadow Of The Day.FLV by Mohammad Mereb
    He leaves them, funds his own trip out of the country, and never turns back again.
  • Runaway by Ed Sheeran
    He jumps from place to place, never staying anywhere too long but he knows the symptoms finally creeping up on him while he's alone. He does some reading. PTSD.
  • Lullaby by deadzerious
    He starts smoking, he destroys himself, maybe he can rebuild from the ashes.
  • Sinners by Lauren Aquilina
    He returns to England, pretends nothing's wrong.
  • King by Lauren Aquilina
    Life never quite returns to normal after he comes back. It's been years what did he expect.
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